Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Lot Of Fuss About Nothing!

I get really fed up sometimes, listening to all the do-gooders banging on about people not clearing up after their dogs.
For gawd's sake, they're only doing what comes naturally to them!
Pick up the poo and send it off to a landfill site and then when the site is full, stop dumping it there and build houses on it. Why don't we go the whole hog and form a perimiter of rubbish and poo around the outside of the landfill and then use it as a resevoir?
Luckily, we don't have anywhere in Thanet that's far enough from the sea to site a landfill so all of our crap goes off elswhere. Human crap, of course, goes into the sea.
Womens' logic?
Well, it's Augusta road for me when Cruncher dumps his spent steak with onion gravy. By the time the rain has washed it down into King Street and down the drains, it's so diluted as to make little difference to anything!
A lot of fuss about nothing, if you ask me.


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